Conference 2012. Speakers

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: BISHOP JOHN RUCYAHANA John Rucyahana is the Anglican Bishop of Rwanda. During the 1959 Tutsi persecution, he, at the age of 14, and his family went into exile. In 1994, Bishop Rucyahana endured the unthinkable horrors of the Rwandan genocide.Since then, he has founded the Sonrise orphanage for children orphaned in the genocide … Continue reading Conference 2012. Speakers

Conference 2012. Partners

Rwanda 2012 Partners National Unity and Reconciliation Commission is a Rwandan national institution founded in 2003. Its main objective was to assist the government to foster unity and reconciliation among the people of Rwanda who had experienced long periods of bad governance characterised by divisions, discriminations, human rights abuse and acts of violence. Over time, … Continue reading Conference 2012. Partners

Conference 2011. Narrators

HALA ABOU ALI is from Freidees in the Chouf area (one of the displaced villages) and she was amongst the first who united the Druze and the Christians of the village after a long rift under the non-violence and non-sectarian umbrella. In 1989, during the “War of Liberation”, only one rocket fell in Freidees and … Continue reading Conference 2011. Narrators