Healing the Wounds of History (HWH) at origin is a concern for manifold challenges confronting Lebanon, the region and elsewhere likewise. In particular, HWH aims at ending cycles of violence that have played-out repeatedly through time. While wars may be widely reported and documented, what is not shown clearly is that the battles of the past can stay dormant within us from generation to generation, flaring up in moments of perceived threat and injustice. Whether we are conscious of this or not, we may be reliving the trauma of our parents, grandparents or even distant ancestors.

The HWH program has been developed to help to heal the deeper roots of violence. The causes of violence are rooted in recent but also older and even ancient historical grievances, memories and traumas. These psychological roots draw on perceived injustices, and become the sources of violence, especially in acute times of crisis, fear and threat. These driving forces usually remain unexamined. By unfolding and deconstructing them, individuals can begin to understand where many prejudices and impulses for violence against the other are held. The HWH training is concerned with unearthing these deeply rooted identities so that we can begin to reframe/rethink the “self”, humanize the other and improve relationships. To develop capacities at the individual level, helps collective action and peace-building efforts at the group level. This important work then actively supports political, social, economic, and civil endeavours.

Becoming a Good Ancestor a video talk presented in April 2015 by Alexandra Asseily for TEDx in Kish, Iran.
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