The HWH is one of the major projects of the Centre for Lebanese Studies (CLS) who has been exploring key issues to understanding conflicts in the Middle East and making recommendations for peacebuilding policies in the region. Overtime several organisations and many individuals have supported and sponsored the HWH programmes. The key partners include: the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP) and the Fetzer Institute.



The Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP) is an international think-tank and research organization. The work of the foundation is underpinned by the belief that peace is a human concept and can only be achieved when people are in touch with their own humanity. Inspired by this belief, the Foundation’s core aim is for humanity to flourish within each individual and promote broader social transformation.In collaboration with the CLS, the GHFP plays a key part in helping develop a conceptual as well as a pedagogical underpinning of the HWH approaches, aiming at humanising and building harmonious social relations.