Conference 2012. Partners

Rwanda 2012 Partners

National Unity and Reconciliation Commission
National Unity and Reconciliation Commission
is a Rwandan national institution founded in 2003. Its main objective was to assist the government to foster unity and reconciliation among the people of Rwanda who had experienced long periods of bad governance characterised by divisions, discriminations, human rights abuse and acts of violence. Over time, the NURC has initiated and developed many programmes to achieve its goals including the Gacaca Court, the Abrunzi and other programmes. These have successfuuly mobilise and sensitise the Rwandans for developing unity and peace.
 Mizero Foundation
Mizero Foundation
was founded by Jean Paul Samputu. Mizero in Kinyarwanda means hope. The Foundation works with orphans and street children, using the vehicle of music for healing, self-worth, economic opportunities, and hope. Mizero Children have performed in many international arts festivals and peace events, bringing the message of peace, love and reconciliation to the world. They are Rwanda’s cultural ambassadors.
Rwandan Professional Dreamers
Rwanda Professional Dreamers (RPD) was founded by Odile Gakire Katese. RPD is a space created in the effort of putting together strengths, skills and strategies in order to initiate, promote and support innovative, challenging and creative artistic work in Rwanda. RPD aspires to be a unique and safe space where Rwandan artists dare to invent, propose and implement new, imaginative and ingenious artistic and cultural projects.
Guerrand-Hermes Foundation for Peace
is an international think-tank and research organisation.
Rwanda collaborators
Rwanda University
National University of Rwanda was founded in 1963. Since then, it has grown into a great university with a mission to advance knowledge, promote teaching and research, and help the society discover innovative solutions to overcome its most pressing problems. The university’s academic environment attracts outstanding students and scholars. Our university is also proud of its ties to the local community. Our research centres and public lectures enhance the intellectual and cultural vibrancy of the country.
National Commision for the Fight against Genocide
CNLG, the National Commision for the Fight against Genocide is a permanent institution that was established by the Law No.09/2007 of 16/02/2007 with its attributions to prevent and fight against Genocide, its ideology and handling its consequences. The work of CNLG focuses on creating a platform for honouring memories of the Rwanda’s past traumas and pain as well as telling stories of the challenges of living with the wounds from violence, justice and hope in order to rebuild Rwanda into a peaceful and compassionate community.

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