HWH Training Participants’ Feedback

Through the HWH workshops, what have you learned about forgiveness?

“I have learned that forgiveness is key to almost all relational problems people have; and also, to almost all non-relational problems people have. It is required everywhere and at any time, and could be used in any situation and to any degree. … Our past is connected to our present, and thus to our future. Everything in life is interconnected: intellect; body; emotions; the unconscious; spirit; collective intelligence, memory, unconscious; ancestors; personal and collective history… There is, though, an ultimate answer: Love. … Love is Forgiveness” – Feedback from a 22-year old participant

What do you think is most important for Peacebuilding in Lebanon?

Lebanon carries a lot of pain. The more I grow up, the more I observe that people are about to explode. Everyone walks around almost ghostly, rarely sharing feelings, satirizing the situation, and not acknowledging their own pain/states. It feels like I have to uncover so many layers/masks before I can “see” the person… Self-healing is the priority for this population. If we can first connect to ourselves, the process of connecting to others will come more naturally, with less fear of the inherited othering that continues to divide the country politically, religiously, class-wise…” – Comment made by a NGO practitioner

Which tools introduced during the HWH Training did you find most useful?

All the tools and exercises are very useful, but for me, some are particularly useful, such as internal and external dialogue; listening properly; drawing; the bodily energy exercise; embodied knowing; finding ourselves in nature… These tools help by giving insight and understanding of our inner being, and at the same time, help us greatly in our social interactions and in our perception of the other. They also help in our personal growth and in some may serve as everyday practices for our own well-being.” – Feedback from a therapist

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Healing the Wounds of History

Through the transformative potential of narrative and storying in social healing, HWH Programmes aim to address the deeper causes of violence.