Past HWH Training Workshops 2015-16

The objective: To create a community of change agents, field workers and practitioners, who, after appropriate training, are empowered to take and apply the approaches and the powerful content of HWH training into their respective practices within communities in Lebanon. This group will develop themselves individually first and then collectively through experiential learning. This will … Continue reading Past HWH Training Workshops 2015-16

Past HWH Training Workshops: 2013-14

  HWH Training Workshop Module I – Introducing and experiencing HWH tools on Dec 6-8, 2013 in Bsous Silk Museum, Lebanon The primary intention of this workshop is to offer a second HWH training to existing practitioners in the field based on a direct experience of new tools and approaches in the hope that the … Continue reading Past HWH Training Workshops: 2013-14

Conference 2011. Narrators

HALA ABOU ALI is from Freidees in the Chouf area (one of the displaced villages) and she was amongst the first who united the Druze and the Christians of the village after a long rift under the non-violence and non-sectarian umbrella. In 1989, during the “War of Liberation”, only one rocket fell in Freidees and … Continue reading Conference 2011. Narrators