HWH Training Facilitators

Matthew Pruen

Matthew Pruen is a coach, consultant and group facilitator working in the fields of personal and organisational development. He is a supervising teacher at the Hoffman institute UK, as well as running a busy coaching practice in London working with teams, couples and individuals. Additionally, Matthew designs and delivers open workshops on a wide range of themes including communication, relationship, conflict resolution and creativity. He has a background in systemic constellations and has applied this approach in one to one, workshop, educational and conference settings. In recent years he has contributed to the Healing the Wounds of History program – Byblos 2012 and in Bsous from 2013 till present. In his work with organisations he has run change initiatives and team coaching programs. He has developed and delivered programmes for the Research and Innovation Directorate of the European Commission in Brussels and taught as an associate lecturer at London College of Communications. Matthew is based at his family-run retreat centre in South West France. www.matthewpruen.com


Alexandra Asseily

Alexandra Asseily is a psychotherapist and trainer focussing on conflict resolution and intergenerational trauma. She is a founder of the Centre for Lebanese Studies and the AraPacis Initiative, an advisor at the Fetzer Institute, and on the board of the Guerrand Hermes Foundation for Peace. She works with individuals and groups worldwide. In August 1997,Asseily was profoundly moved by a vision she had concerning the repetitive nature of conflict—that consciously and unconsciously held grievances are received by each new generation through an ancestral “contract” that can only be released through forgiveness and compassion. This vision inspired the Garden of Forgiveness in Central Beirut, a symbol of collective hope for Lebanon and the world, to which Alexandra has remained committed since 1998. http://www.gardenofforgiveness.org; alexandra@asseily.org

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Healing the Wounds of History

Through the transformative potential of narrative and storying in social healing, HWH Programmes aim to address the deeper causes of violence.