2018 HWH module 1

The HWH module 1 2018 event takes place in Lebanon on the 16th to the 18th March 2018.
HEALING THE WOUNDS OF HISTORY is working to create a committed community of change agents, field workers and practitioners who will be empowered to take and apply the approaches and the powerful content of HWH training into their respective practices within communities in Lebanon.

The objectives are to train teachers, Lebanese and Syrian trainers, NGO workers and school counsellors and individuals searching for ways to transform their own and other’s lives for the better. To receive an additional facilitation training by assisting in the teaching of the following year.

We invite you to come with an attitude of open-hearted curiosity and a willingness to be generous with yourself and take responsibility for your own experience.
Please consider the following questions prior to the workshop How do you fit into this field? What do you hope to gain from the experience? Who else might benefit from your attendance?

Important Information for the Training:
Contribution Fee: USD 300 per person per workshop including meals and refreshments.
Bring a small object that represents something to symbolize your positive vision for the future. (This could be any object or artefact, or an object from nature, a stone, a pen etc.) 3 Dress Code: Casual (i.e.: loose clothing and comfortable shoes) 4 Stationary (papers and pens) are provided. Guidelines on various tools application will be provided to the attendees as part of the training package.

The Facilitators:
Matthew Pruen: Matthew Pruen is a coach, consultant and group facilitator working in the fields of personal and organisational development.

Alexandra Asseily: Alexandra Asseily is a psychotherapist and trainer focusing on conflict resolution and intergenerational trauma.

Mirvat Bakkour
Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

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Healing the Wounds of History

Through the transformative potential of narrative and storying in social healing, HWH Programmes aim to address the deeper causes of violence.